Castleton University’s  third annual Showcase of Community Engagement was held on January 27, 2016 in the Campus Center’s 1787 Room.  The yearly event celebrates exemplary community engagement of the past year and features both curricular and co-curricular projects from across the University.

Castleton Engaged! 


WelcomeDean Ingrid Johnston-Robledo, Dean of Arts, Sciences, and Community Engagement

RemarksDave Wolk, President of Castleton University

RemarksLyle Jepson, Dean of Entrepreneurial Programs

Community Partnership Award Presentations:  Presented by Chrispin White, Director of The Center For Community Engagement to  The Nature Conservancy in Vermont and Bill Kuehn, Professor of Sociology

Featured Student Presentation:  Dan Errico and Conner Johnson: “Evaluation of Project 240: A Research Methods Civic Engagement Course”

Featured Student Presentation:  Elizabeth Diohep: “Democracy Plaza: A Senior Leadership Project”

Featured Student Presentation:  Emma Faucher: “Students Gave Green: Giving Tuesday”


Community Engagement Showcase

  • Civic Engagement in Contemporary Health Issues:

Advocacy projects created for  “Health Issues (AHS 1010)”

Student Presenters: Maddison Baldwin, “Stress in FYS” | Mikayla Dambrakas | Kalvyn Langford | Kayla Moore, “Mental Health and Encouraging Help Seeking” | Vidavanh Xapilak and Kayla Wood, “Social media and Depression”

Faculty Advisor:  Katy Culpo

  • Civic Engagement in the Psychological Sciences

Boys and Girls Club Project

          Student Presenters: Brandi Gontang | Mikayla Shaw | Kaitlyn Skalla

Faculty Advisor:  Terry Bergen

 Castleton Mentoring Project

Student Presenters: Ally Brandland | Rudy Vadakin

Faculty Advisor:  Terry Bergen

Castleton Tutoring Program

(Civic Engagement Program Leadership Project)

Student Presenters: McKenzie Bover | Molly Perkins | Kelly Mesler

Faculty Advisor:  Megan Blossom

  • Green Campus Initiative

Student Eco-Rep Presenters: Marcos Gallegos | Jess Ralston | Kathleen Webber | Catie Wielgasz

Faculty Advisor: Andy Vermilyea

Castleton University Green Campus Working Group

  • Eco-Explorations Camp

           Faculty Advisor/Co-Director: Mary Droege

           Co-Director: Sherry Crawford

 Natural Sciences Department

  • Engaged News Media Ethics

Projects conducted for News Media Ethics and Law (COM 3010)

Student Presenters: Eva Clark | Jadie Dow | Arielle Ferrell | Kelly Messler | Brock Pollard | Analeigh Shepherd | Catherine Twing | Jed Zawisza

Faculty Advisor:  Dave Blow

Communication Department

  • Habitat for Humanity

Student Presenters: Eva Clark | Kalie Dunican | Molly Johnson | Colleen Kunz | Lisa McDonald | Kelly Mesler

  • Human Library Project

Student Presenters: Mariah O’Hara | Mikayla Taylor

          Faculty Members: Emily Gleason, Monica McEnerney, Anne Slonaker

          Education Program

  • NY/VT Nurses Unite

Global Brigades Medical Brigade Honduras Trip and Castleton Nursing Students

Student Presenter:  Heidi Gillespie

Faculty Advisors: Leah Matteson, Janice McCann, Amy Russell, Margaret Young

Nursing Program

Community Partner: New York/Vermont Global Brigades

  • Peer Advocates for CHANGE

Student Presenters: Sam Carpenter | Lyss Eaton

          Advisor: Amy Bremel

         Social CHANGE Initiative

  • Pre-School Art Boxes

A First-Year Seminar community engagement project

Student Presenters: Alina Sarli | Stephanie Cocozza | Tyler Lamphere | Hayden Santerreli

Faculty Member:  Oliver Schemm

Art Department

Community Partner:  Jan Jones, Castleton Free Public Library

  • Right to Play at Castleton

Advisor:  John O’Connor

  • Rotaract Club

Student Presenters: Susan Gay | Kaitlin Morrison | Jeffrey Rose | Daniel Warnecke

  • Solving Litter and a Dumping Problem in a Nature Preserve

A First-Year Seminar community engagement project

Student Presenters: Matt Gay | Rebekah Young

Faculty Member:  Bill Kuehn

Sociology Department

Community Partner:  The Nature Conservancy in Vermont

  • Student Athlete Advisory Committee

Student Presenters: Jessica Phillips | Ariel  Mroz-Brewer

Advisor:  John O’Connor

  • Student Support Network

Student Presenters: Cheyenne Borthwick | Callie Flanders

Advisors: Jamie Bentley and Martha Coulter

Student Support Network, Wellness Center

  • Voter Registration and Voter Information Tools

Student Presenters: Joshua Lake | Dustin Lewis | Vanessa Robertson

Faculty Advisor:  Rich Clark

Live Music from the Castleton University Jazz All-Star Combo

Paul Moses | Andrew Paczkowski | Mark Pettit | Zachary Shambo

Faculty Advisor:  Phil Lamy