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All Hands on Deck for Homecoming Weekend

Posted by: BreAnna Morse ’17

Homecoming weekend this year was successful thanks to the help of many active groups on campus: residence life, student government association and the alumni association to name a few. The weekend was filled with bouncy houses, cow plop bingo, maple cotton candy, and personalized trinkets such as coffee mugs, picture art, green screen photos, and caricatures.  It was a family, fun-filled weekend that made it an amazing event to be a part of. Due to my position in residence life and the student government association, I spent the day running around between activities which gave me a chance to engage with lots of different individuals all here for different reasons.blogpost2

The bouncy houses, run by Residence Life is always a huge hit at community based events.  Screeches and shouts of children racing each other was nothing less than entertaining.  Let’s not forget to mention the race between Director of Residence Life’s son, and Assistant Director of Residence Life, Shaun Williams.  Let’s just say, Shaun was put to shame.  Residence life put in hours of work behind the scenes and the day of to help engage not only the students of Castleton University but the alumni, community members and families who attended the joyous day.

Cow plop bingo is Homecoming tradition that many find entertaining.  This year, the cow, that everyone loved so much, ended up on multiple students Snapchats.  Needless to say, she had a nice little run from Public Safety to the baseball field where she interrupted a game.  Although the incident was known about all over campus, the cow did her deed and one lucky w inner got $100.00. blogpost1

Wanting something new this year, my family was generous enough to bring their Sugar Shack here to campus.  They had maple cotton candy, maple milkshakes, maple iced coffee, and other maple products.  The maple iced coffee was a hit, as most college student’s love iced coffee. It was a wondrous feeling to help bring something new to campus to change up the traditional events of the weekend.

Let’s not forget the ever famous make-your-own event that the Campus Activities Board hosts every year.  This year, we had mugs, caricatures, letter art, and green screen photos.  From the nicknames on mugs, to the crazy hats and poses on the green screens, students and families had a blast. Community Advisor, KC Ambrose states, “It is a great opportunity for students and families to receive mementos from Homecoming weekend that are sentimental and exciting.” This is a fun way to get the surrounding community into our doors and encourage kids to look into college through having good experiences here.

Overall, Homecoming was a huge success this year.  Everyone who contributed did an amazing job planning a wonderful event that left people smiling.  It is events like Homecoming that make Castleton such a warm and inviting environment. The community and university are able to come together for a great weekend and really engage with one another in a fun way.

Kids Night Out

Written By: Kelly Mesler

Kids Night Out is an event organized by the psychology department (specifically the ABA class) for elementary aged kids from surrounding communities. We invite elementary students from local schools to join us for a day of fun. Some of the activities we do throughout the day include swimming, video games, scavenger hunts, gym activities, trivia, movies, and arts and crafts.

The event started as a fundraiser for the psychology department but continued due to popular demand. It was looked at as a night out for the kids and also a night off for the parents. We try to plan the event around the holidays for this reason to give parents the opportunity to get their shopping done while their children are having fun at the college.

Each time we have the event, we notice many familiar faces along with new kids excited to spend a day with college students. Many kids have requested that we have the event more often than just once a semester because they enjoy it so much. This upcoming year, we hope to make that happen. Because the events are relatively easy for us to organize now, we are hoping to have the proceeds from one date go to a charity rather than having both be a fundraiser for our department.

The event welcomes all volunteers, in and outside of the psychology department, to offer as much time as they can to spend with the kids. We often get athletes and civic engagement students eager to be involved in the event. Kids Night Out is a great way for college students to engage in our community and really make a difference in young students’ lives.

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