Still need Touchstones? Try this instead!

Are you a rising sophomore (or junior) and a student who still needs ENG 2260 Touchstones of Western Lit?  Or ENG 2270 Honors Touchstones? 

We encourage you instead to take the pilot course: CNX 2710 Connections Seminar 2 in Fall 2021! This pilot course will count as a substitution for Touchstones, no forms needed, we will take care of the paperwork for you.  And did I mention, it’s also writing intensive?

What’s this course about you ask?

In this course we will be reading material from a variety of disciplines and looking at some of the “big ideas” that are defining the future.

When is it offered?

There are three sections offered in the fall:

CNX 2710 C01 WI: Connections Seminar 2, MWF 12-12:50

CNX 2710 C02 WI: Connections Seminar 2, MW 2-3:15

CNX 2710 C03 WI: Connections Seminar 2, MW 2:30-4:45

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