Enter the iGrad Challenge – Week 3! Win CU Swag!

iGrad Challenge!

*Enter the iGrad Challenge to be in the running to win some awesome Castleton swag!

This week we have a career portfolio, a pair of CU mittens, and a CU winter hat up for grabs. The iGrad Challenge will be done each week through Sparty Says until the end of the semester. There will be a different challenge each week.

Congratulations to last week’s winner Emily Benz!

Pres Spiro with CU Swag

What is iGrad?

iGrad is a web-based tool to empower students, alumni, staff, and faculty to make effective personal finance decisions and gain knowledge related to your own personal financial wellness journey.
iGrad offers resources such as courses that teach you the fundamentals of money management, articles regarding financial wellness, real-world simulators/tools and financial trivia games, mortgage, budget, auto and student loan calculators, as well as live video webinars with financial wellness experts.

Week 3 Challenge:

· The first new iGrad registration will receive a career portfolio.

· The first person to apply for a scholarship in scholarship search under the tools section and send me an email sharing which scholarship they applied for will receive a pair of CU mittens!

· Send me a few sentences via email about how iGrad has helped you to learn something new and why that is impactful for you. A submission will be selected to receive a CU winter hat.

To verify your completion on any of these challenge items please send me an email (Jessica.duncan@castleton.edu,) with the time of your completion and which challenge you are entering. There is NO limit to the number of challenges you can enter.

*Remember, you can enter the iGrad monthly challenge and be eligible to win $1000! Try to log on and do this every month for your chance of winning. The $1000 monthly challenge is in a block right on your iGrad home screen.

How do I sign up for iGrad?

  1. Visit: https://castleton.igrad.com/login
  2. Select “sign up” at the bottom right-hand corner of the window
Screenshot iGrad login page
  • Fill out the information requested (screenshot below) and then access your account!

(Please make sure to list @castleton.edu as your email address.  @castleton.edu equates to @csc.vsc.edu.  Writing your email address in this manner allows the system to recognize you as a Castleton University member.)

Screenshot 2 iGrad login page

*Should you have any access issues or wish to discuss using the software further please contact Jessica Duncan via the email noted below.