Internships with Stipends Available!

Engaging with an internship during your time at Castleton University is a wonderful way to gain real world experience, network with professionals, build your résumé, and learn about yourself and your intended field of study prior to graduation.  All students are encouraged to explore an internship regardless of major!

Current openings include:

Communications & Research Assistant Internship: Town of Poultney, Poultney, VT: Virtual, Stipend

Museum Collections Management Internship: Middletown Springs Historical Society, Middletown Springs, VT, Stipend

Marketing, Events, and Special Projects Internship: Rutland Young Professionals, Castleton, VT, Stipend

Restaurant Management Internship: Taps Tavern, Poultney, VT, Stipend

Digital Marketing Internship: Tata Harper Skincare, Shelburne, VT

Human Resources Internship: Casella Waste Systems, INC, Stipend