The NAACP chapter in partnership with The Peer Advocate For Change will be hosting a “Speak Your Peace” event on Wednesday November 17th in the 1787 room immediately after the Sexploration fair

We know how important it is to have a community you can confide in on issues that may be weighing on you. This is an open discussion on any topic if it is inoffensive and non-discriminatory. Let’s come together as one and be each other’s comforters. If we can’t rely on each other, then who can we rely on? 

As we prepare for Thanksgiving break, be prepared to break free from anything that has been on your mind. Come and share how your college life has been, the people you are thankful for, your thoughts on the NAACP, what you want to see implemented or more of on campus, meaningful experiences, advice, or motivational thoughts to share with the audience. 

The NAACP and PAC will be available as resources to have educational discussions and answer any question you might have for us. 

The color for the event is BLUE symbolic of PEACE! Let’s paint Castleton Blue on Thursday! Save your breath and come Wednesday, November 17, 2022, ready to SPEAK YOUR PEACE!!

Can’t wait to see you all wearing