Need Money?

You could be eligible for a Trio Achievement Grant! Deadline: Thursday, November 18th

If you have checked off the following criteria

1. Regularly use the services offered by the Academic Support Center

(a minimum of 6 visits (tutoring sessions, Zoom chats, presentations) between 8/23/21 and 12/17/21)

2. Have earned fewer than 60 credits

3. Meet federal TRIO eligibility guidelines

4. Receive a federal Pell grant this fall

5. Earn a semester or cumulative GPA of at least 2.5

6. Have unmet financial need or loans equaling or exceeding grant award

7. Complete iGrad on-line course – all ten introductory courses, and one intermediate course and one advanced course of your choosing (go to and select “sign up” at the bottom right hand corner of the window to create your account)

Complete an application by Thursday, November 18th!

Call us at 802-468-1347 or e-mail if you have questions.