Would you like to work at the Wellness Center?

We are looking for students who have the following skills:

Well organized, self-starter, strong skills with Microsoft Word, Excel, and social media, and who are passionate about Wellness! 

Please see the job description below for the Wellness Center Program Assistant. 

This is a federal work-study position which will be available for the remainder of this semester and for next semester.  Candidates must be eligible for federal work-study.  There are up to 10 hours per week.   

Please complete a Student Employment Application at the Wellness Center.  

We’re looking forward to hearing from you! 

Martha Coulter, Wellness Center Director 

Position Description

Department: Wellness Center Job Title: Wellness Center Program Assistant Suggested Classification (I, II, III, IV, V): III

Job Description: Program Assistant

This student(s) will assist Wellness Staff in the delivery of the following programs:

  • Student Support Network (SSN)
  • Organize weekly sessions and corresponding materials
  • Co-facilitate weekly sessions and facilitate 1:1 make-up sessions
  • Marketing/Promotion: class presentations, social media posts, tabling info events
  • Email communications with students/faculty/staff
  • Maintain all records
  • Victim Advocacy, Awareness and Nonviolence Education (Sexual Assault, Rape and Interpersonal Violence – Abuse/Controlling Relationships)
  • Marketing/Promotion: bulletin board creation, poster distribution, social media posts, tabling info events
  • Substance Use and Mental Health Intervention and Prevention
  • Excel spreadsheet data input
  • Email communications with students
  • Assist with organizing educational events and activities
  • Marketing/Promotion: poster distribution, social media posts, tabling info events

Minimum Qualifications (Skills required): Good organization, self-starter, public speaking, creativity, problem-solving, strong skills with Microsoft Word, Excel, and social media; detail oriented, passionate about wellness.

Normal Hours of Work: Flexible hours, primarily between 8am-4:30pm, limited evening and weekend hours will be necessary. Normal Days (Monday-Friday, nights or weekends): Primarily Monday-Friday, with very limited weekend hours required.

Number of positions with this title: 1 or 2 positions. 10 hours/week, 14 weeks per semester