5 Things You Need to Know about Calvin Coolidge Library

  • We absolutely love information literacy!

Helping students with their academic research and teaching them how to find, critically evaluate, and effectively use a variety of information resources is our main objective. We offer:

  • Research assistance and appointments for students and faculty in the Library and via email, phone, Zoom, and chat;
  • Online research guides for major subjects, and for many classes and research topics;
  • Workshops on library resources, evaluating sources, and other timely topics;
  • Faculty-requested library instruction sessions;
  • Assistance for faculty in developing assignments and integrating information literacy and library resources into their classrooms and on Canvas. Information literacy skills can be applied beyond the research paper – contact us to discuss other effective assignments and activities.
  • We provide access to a variety of wonderful library resources.

Search for print materials and access our database subscriptions at https://www.castleton.edu/library/. Faculty may borrow books for up to a full semester.

  • We can help you with your own research.

Our librarians are happy to assist you with your own research projects. Contact us or make an appointment to discuss your research needs. 

  • Will you need materials from other libraries? Castleton faculty can borrow materials from other Vermont Consortium of Academic Libraries (VCAL) libraries. To obtain a VCAL card complete the “Borrower Details” section of the application form and send to Stephanie Traverse. For more information about participating VCAL institutions and their policies visit: https://vtcal.org/circulation-policies/. We also offer Interlibrary Loan services!
  • We offer Course Reserves.

Faculty can place course materials (library books, personal books or DVDs, copies of articles or readings) on reserve for student use in the library. Fill out a reserve materials list for each class and bring any non-library materials to the library.

  • We want your suggestions about resources.

We welcome faculty suggestions for books, periodicals and other materials. While we can’t purchase every resource, we want to hear from you about your departmental and discipline needs.

Contact us!

Castleton’s Calvin Coolidge Library http://www.castleton.edu/library/ library@castleton.edu (802) 468-1256
Questions for the director
Jim Allen (603) 558-2576  james.allen@vsc.edu  

Checking out books

(802) 468-1256 or
Stephanie Traverse (802) 468-6061 stephanie.traverse@castleton.edu

Putting materials on reserve
Kim Bailey (802) 468-6062 kimberly.bailey2@castleton.edu
Interlibrary loan

Kim Bailey (802) 468-6062 kimberly.bailey2@castleton.edu

Scheduling library instruction or developing assignmentsContact your department’s liaison librarian
Scheduling use of the library instruction space

Miranda Axworthy (802) 468-1359 miranda.axworthy@castleton.edu
or Charlotte Gerstein (802) 468-6409 charlotte.gerstein@castleton.edu

Help with research

Stop by the library, make an appointment, or contact Miranda Axworthy (802) 468-1359 miranda.axworthy@castleton.edu
or Charlotte Gerstein (802) 468-6409 charlotte.gerstein@castleton.edu

Suggesting resources
Archives and special collections
Michele Perry (802) 468-1343 michele.perry@castleton.edu