Your DEI Committee in Spring 2022

Good morning,

The DEI committee invites your participation in an initiative to share messages of belonging for all members of our community.  If you would like to participate, please take a look at the attached quotes and consider posting in your workspace, living space or throughout your building. We have also drafted an all-inclusive Ally Pledge.  If it resonates, please consider posting that, too.

In the Spring 2022 semester your DEI committee was busy!

Who We Are: The DEI committee is comprised of over 30 faculty, staff and students that work on issues of equity and social justice both here on campus, in the VSCS, and within our greater community.

Want to Join Us?: Please do.  Just email and chat with us!

What Do We Do?: We have eight standing sub-committees, each one based of one of the eight points in the Castleton Pledge. We also have the CU See Me Committee, which often works closely with Soundings to plan co-curricular or training events.  Additionally, we have representation on the VSC Social Justice Group, a committee that pulls members from all four VSCS colleges/universities and acts to collate and share initiatives focused on DEI. AND finally we have representation on the DEI Transformation Team, which evaluates all transformation related work products through a social justice and equity lens. 

But what did you really do this semester?: Here is a summary of some of the work we have accomplished this spring, on our own or with partners like Soundings, NAACP, the Library team, Sodexo, and SGA:

  • Spring 2022 Convocation – Ride the Wave and Call to Action (with members of the NAACP and SGA)
  • First public use of the Land Acknowledgment at an official CU public event – Convocation
  • Appointment of Adnane Adossama as the Student of Color Liaison
  • Establishment of a Gender Neutral bathroom in the Campus Center
  • First Black History Month Celebration at Castleton University
    • Professor Jessica Oladapo seminar on Black Joy
    • Honorable Angela Robinson (ret) seminar on Critical Race Theory
    • Black Film Series
    • Black History Month lunch theme (with Sodexo)
    • Black History Month Book Expo (with the Library)
    • Black Lives Matter flag ceremony (with the NAACP and SGA)
  • Sponsored DEI focused training for all nursing faculty to meet secondary accreditation standards
  • Established a partnership with the Rutland non-profit group Social Tinkering
  • Rann Miller seminar on extending Black History month beyond February and navigating challenging classroom discussions (upcoming soon!)
  • Town Hall Debate of all candidates running for US House of Representatives (upcoming at the end of the month!)

Ongoing Projects Include:

  • Development of a Safe Space area for students
  • Safe Space Training
  • Art Installation of the original Black Lives Matter flag
  • Rebooting of the Diversity web page
  • Partnering with Fairhaven High School on a Multicultural Fair

And finally: Thank you to all of you who contributed to this work or who attended events.  We appreciate you. ❤