Nursed Shared Governance

   Shared Governance is seeking representatives (2 from each of the main campus cohorts and 1 from each for Bennington) to serve on the nursing shared governance committee for the 2022-2023 academic year. The goal of SG is to allow students and faculty to come together to address concerns and questions that each class has and to serve as liaisons between the faculty and the larger classes. This is an excellent opportunity for a leadership role for the upcoming academic year and a chance to get to know your classmates and the faculty better. Below you will find the job description, please read it over and if interested reach out to either Emily Benz – or Mo Simonds –
Representatives for each class will be selected out of the nominations by the faculty.
Nominations will be open until end of the day Monday (5/9).
To enhance the relationship between Shared Governance and the overall student body, all student representatives are required to be active members of the Student Nurses Association

  • The student representative will participate in monthly meetings of the Shared Governance Committee. These meeting are typically held on the 3rd Tuesday of every month from 1230-2pm.  Student representatives begin their reports at 1:30pm.  Students are not present for portions of the meeting that include individual student or faculty member performance, or any other item of a confidential nature.  
  • Representatives attend all meetings and have a voice in governance of the School of Nursing. They act as a spokesperson their fellow students, creating a link between the student body and Castleton University Shared Governance Committee. This is a forum for sharing the student perspective on how the semester is going, and to offer suggestions and ideas to help student learning.  
  • The representatives’ responsibility is to create a sense of goodwill while generating professional communication between students and CU faculty/staff. The student representative is not allowed to bring forth an individual student’s issues.  If approached by a fellow student who has an individual issue or complaint, that student should be referred to the course faculty.