Would you like to see a private off-campus counselor?

Dear Castleton students, 
This year, the Wellness Center has partnered with an organization called The Shrink Space to help you find off-campus private practice counselors.  

What do I do?  

Visit the Shrink Space website:  https://theshrinkspace.com

On the list on the bottom left of the page, find Castleton University and click on that link.  The link will bring you to a group of mental health providers who are interested in working with Castleton students.  

What is the next step? 

 The site will suggest that you sign up in order to be able to see all of the therapists available and specialized in working with college students.  Your identity will be anonymous to Castleton.  Only the providers you choose will be able to see who you are.  

​Does it cost anything to use the Shrink Space referral site? 

No, this site is free for you to use! However, if you decide to work with a private practice mental health provider, the provider will let you know the cost of counseling services.  You will be able to see which providers can bill your particular health insurance.  

Please contact the Wellness Center at the number below if you have any questions:

(802) 468-1346