Calling for Student-Faculty Research Grant proposals!

Request for Proposals

Student-Faculty Research Grants, 2022-2023

These small grants are designed to support undergraduate students in their pursuit of scholarly projects with the guidance of a full-time faculty member. Thus, students should acquire a meaningful research experience by playing a key role in the development and implementation of the project. Scholarly activity is defined broadly to include “research endeavors that advance knowledge in a particular discipline or across disciplines.” 

Award Information:

The funds can be used to pay for: stipends of student collaborators ($10.50 per hour), student travel to professional meetings to present work based on this project, mileage for collecting data ($.625 per mile), and supplies (e.g., equipment, analyses, materials, software, books). (Note that equipment purchased using these funds becomes Castleton University property.)  

Submission Guidelines:

Proposals must be written by the student requesting funds. Complete the attached cover sheet and submit a typed and double-spaced proposal (maximum four pages) that includes the following sections:  INTRODUCTION: Summarize the background, rationale, and significance of the proposed study. SPECIFIC AIMS: State clearly the objectives of the research and indicate how you will know whether these have been achieved.  METHODS: Thoroughly describe the methods you will use to address your goals and objectives.  COLLABORATION: Carefully describe the roles of the faculty member and student(s) in this project. Preference will be given to proposals that can clearly demonstrate both a meaningful student experience and a collaborative working relationship with a faculty member.  CALENDAR: Explain how the project is expected to progress toward completion (if already begun, explain how the project has progressed thus far; explain the point that the project is expected to reach by June 30).  BUDGET: Itemize and justify, as clearly as possible, how the requested funds will be spent. All funds must be spent by June 30.  

Please email your cover sheet and proposal to Brendan Lalor. Proposals will be reviewed on a rolling basis, while funds remain. 

This message comes on behalf of the Teaching & Scholarship Committee, which includes Chris Boettcher, Sarah Cook, Gillian Galle, Margaret Miles, Jacob Park, and Brendan Lalor