Harm Reduction and Overdose Workshop!

The Harm Reduction and Overdose Prevention Workshop that is being held in the Stafford Auditorium Wednesday (2/8/23) from 4:00-6:00pm. Overdoses do not discriminate! Come learn about harm reduction, current drug trends, fentanyl, signs of an opioid overdose, Narcan, and how to save a life.

Do you or someone in your life use substances?

Do you go to parties?

Do you know how dangerous fentanyl is and how often it (unknowingly) is mixed in with other substances?

Do you know about naloxone/Narcan?

Stop by the Wellness Center and pick up a Harm Reduction Kit, no questions asked! Each kit consists of two doses of Narcan, fentanyl testing strips, instructions, resources, and additional information. 

Harm Reduction and Overdose Prevention Kits can and have saved lives:

Come and get a kit today!

If you use substances, if you know someone who uses substances, or if you go to parties, I strongly recommend you pick up a kit. These kits include Narcan, Fentanyl Testing strips, and resources

The links below offer additional information:




Contact Sara.Stearns@castleton.edu with any questions!