Connect to the Wireless Network

Castleton University has wireless throughout campus. There are multiple networks throughout campus that a smart device will see. Here is a walk through to which one you should connect to


All current VSC students, faculty, and staff, can connect to CU-Community using their current Portal username and password.

Macintosh Laptops, iPhones, and iPads:

Connect using your Portal username and password. If your iPhone or iPad prompts you that our certificate is not trusted, you can select Trust at the top right. Your MacBook will prompt you to accept the certificate. Select Connect, and then enter your current MacBook password.

Mac OS Example:

iPhone / iPad Example:

Trust the certificate:

Android & Chromebook:

Most Android and Chromebook models do not detect the following settings automatically. Please enter the following information:

EAP Method: PEAP

Phase 2 Authentication: MSCHAP V2

CA Certificate: “Unspecified”, or select “Do Not Validate” if that is an option

Domain: If your phone requires you to enter a domain then type “”

Identity: Portal Username: i.e abc05110

Anonymous Identity: Leave blank

Password: Current Portal Password


Castleton University offers temporary access to Guests of the campus. After connecting to the CU-Guest network, you should be directed to our network registration server or you can launch a browser and go to – look for the link regarding guest access. Entering a valid email address will provide access for one day. If you need to extend it to two weeks, follow the link that is sent to the email address you provided.

Note: The email you entered will not be shared with any other service.