Castleton Loves its Library

Library staff appreciate the appreciation!

Students’ comments on what they appreciate about their library, its staff, and its books, posted in the library

On February 7th, Vermont State Colleges leadership announced a plan for the libraries in the system to go “all-digital” on July 1 when four of the colleges join to become Vermont State University. Castleton faculty, staff, students, and community members gathered in the library on February 13 to express their appreciation for library staff whose jobs would be eliminated on July 1 and the books in the library that are also at risk. You can read the coverage of these events in the student newspaper, The Spartan. You can read about the VSC’s plan for the libraries, and the media coverage of this plan and the opposition to it in this compilation of sources. Double click on an item in the list to open it in another tab.

The new display in the library is on this theme, with books about…books, reading, libraries, best practices in academic libraries, and digital media. All are welcome to come peruse this exhibit and consider and imagine libraries of the past and libraries of the future, and check out some of these books while you still can. You can see a list of the books included in the exhibit here.

Faculty, staff, students and community members gathered to express their appreciation for the library and print books on February 13

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