New book display: Caring for ourselves and each other

Come in and take a look at the new book display in the library related to taking care of ourselves and each other. College is stressful and life is stressful. Being successful in college involves working hard at your academics, but also making sure you can sustain your health and well-being while you’re doing it. We have lots of books to explore on topics like sleep, exercise, healing from trauma, healthy relationships, cultivating happiness, etc. See the list of books in the exhibit in the library.

Many of our majors at CU involve helping others. Sustaining yourself allows you to help others. And, there’s always more to learn about humans and what makes them tick. And, taking care of our society is also important. Some of the books on display deal with kindness and empathy.

For more information, see a guide to information resources on mental health, some recommended sources of health information, and the library’s guide to Health Education information resources.

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