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April is National Poetry Month!

Photo Credit: Poetry Society

Another Asian American poet that we would like to celebrate this week for #NationalPoetryMonth is Tina Chang. She is an editor, a professor and the first woman to be named Poet Laureate of Brooklyn. Tina earned her BA at Binghamton University, and MFA at Columbia University. She is currently the Director of Creative Writing at Binghamton. Tina is the author of three poetry collections: Hybrida (W. W. Norton, May 2019), Of Gods & Strangers (Four Way Books, 2011), and Half-Lit Houses (Four Way Books, 2004). If you would like to find more information about Tina Chang and her Poetry, check out her website.

Feel free to watch this video of her reading “My Father. A Tree.”

Tina Chang reads from “The Revolutionary Kiss,” a poem featured in her latest collection, Hybrida.

For more information, contact your library!

Photo “Janice Mirikitani” by Nancy Wong, CC BY-SA.

This week for #NationalPoetryMonth we are celebrating Asian American poets!  With so many to choose from, a good place to start is with Janice Mirikitani and Marilyn Chin.  Janice Mirikitani (1941–) was born in California.  She was interned in a camp in Arkansas during World War II and uses poetry to advocate for women and poor people, as well as addressing war, institutional racism, and more.  Marilyn Chin (1955–) was born in Hong Kong and raised in Portland.  Not only does she write poetry, she also translates poems by Ai Qing, a modern Chinese poet, and co-translates poems by Gozo Yoshimasu, a Japanese poet. 

Listen to Janice Mirikitani read “Bad Women”

Listen to Marilyn Chin read “How I Got That Name”

For more information on any of these poets, contact your library!

Note: Register to virtually attend the free event, “Remembering Robert Frost,” on April 25th at 4PM!  Find more information and register here.

Listen to Maya Angelou in “Try to Be a Rainbow in Somebody Else’s Cloud” for #NationalPoetryMonth.  Maya Angelou (1928-2014) was known for her rhythmic poetry and wrote poems such as “Still I Rise.”  She was born in Missouri and lived in North Carolina at the time of her death.  You can find many books, eBooks and other resources to learn more about Maya Angelou, her poetry, and autobiographies through the libraries at the Vermont State Colleges.  If you want help locating more information about Maya Angelou, contact your library!

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