Cast your vote for Student Government Association! (Due April 23)

I would like to give a friendly reminder to everyone that it’s now election season here at Castleton University! Student Government Association (SGA) elections began Monday, April 19th, and will last until 12:00 PM (noon) on Friday, April 23rd. I strongly encourage every student to cast their vote! If you want to make a change on our campus the first-place to start is by electing important student leaders into a Student Government Association position SGA prides itself on being a representative body that voices student concerns and works to constantly make Castleton University a better place to live, learn, and flourish!! Below are some important links to vote:

The Student Government Association Election Ballot for the 2020-21 Academic Year:

You will be able to access the ballot located in the right-hand box titled “This Section” on a computer or under the “Additional Navigation” tab on a mobile device starting Monday the 19th. We ask that you vote for every position. Do not hesitate to ‘write-in’ candidates, however, we ask that you only contribute the names of Castleton students eligible for the position you are writing them in for.

Do You Know Who Is Running?
There are several ways to be an informed voter this year. In the transition to online, we have several different platforms so that you can get to know the candidates in the running:

The Facebook Group: SGA Elections 2021-22
This is a public group that anyone can join where candidates have been campaigning and expressing their ideas for the future!
Here is the link:

The Student Government Association Page on the Castleton Website
Need to know more about each position? Check out the official position descriptions to understand the position that each candidate is running for

Are you a member of the Senior Class of 2022?
On Monday, April 27th we will be sending out a link to only seniors within the Class of 2022 so that you can cast your vote for Senior Class Officers. The Facebook page and the Castleton SGA page listed above have information on who is running and for what position.

We thank you in advance for your participation in voting during the SGA Elections!
Good luck to all of the candidates in the running and thank you for being flexible in our transition to virtual campaigning and voting!

If any questions, comments, or concerns arise please feel free to contact Michael Robilotto, Matthew Patry, Julie Leppo, and James Wolfe and we will be happy to help!

Thank you for your time and consideration,
Julie Leppo