You may be wondering, “What in the world is ‘The World in 343 Green’?” Obviously, it’s the name of a blog at Castleton University. But, who is it for? Well, it is for Castleton’s international students and for anyone interested in learning about this extraordinary group of students, some of whom come from literally across the globe to study here. We want to share their impressions of, stories about, and experiences at a small liberal arts university in the U.S. We also want to share anecdotes from Castleton faculty, staff, students, and community members about  working, living and studying with international students. Basically, we want to show you how students from different countries and cultures are transforming our little part of the world in Castleton, Vermont. And, finally, why 343 green? Ask any Castleton Spartan you meet, and they will tell you that 343 green is the University’s official color, as seen everywhere around campus.

Thank you to Ms. Chidinma Ezugwu, pictured below, who came up with this catchy name for our blog. Chidinma, originally from Nigeria, is a junior at Castleton University, studying economics and business. She also serves as the Vice President of Academics for the Student Government Association and works in the International Student Office as a mentor to incoming international students. When asked about how she thought of this name, Chidinma responded,

“The name is centered on the idea of international students sharing diverse and interesting views and thoughts through a blog hosted by the University. It is literally, ‘the world in 343 green’! The title is about letting the world have a glimpse of our heritage and rich cultural lives. Green is a natural color that represents growth and prolific vegetation. So I thought: why not provide a name for the blog that would highlight the richness of Castleton’s diverse culture and laud the fact that Castleton is blessed with different perspectives of different students from all over the world?”

Chidinma Ezugwu