Emily and Monica

By Qin (Emily) Wang, Castleton student from China

I want to share with you some of my recent events. Last weekend I with Monica and a friend went skiing in Pico. This was my first time skiing. I took an introductory course, but I still don’t quite know how to slow down and stop. I couldn’t control the acceleration and it was really terrible! Then the coach kept saying “make your pie” but I couldn’t think and only shouted “I have no pie!!!” And I have to say that the fall is really very painful?

(Editor’s note:  Ski instructors will often use the term, “pie”, to describe a snowplow, which helps to control a skier’s speed. The stance looks similar to a piece of pie, with tips together and tails apart. This term was unfortunately lost in translation for Emily!)

Learning to Ski at Pico Mountain