Ben (Australia), Frank (China), Mitchell (USA)

Did you know that at the end of your first year at Castleton you can apply to be a Community Advisor, or CA? A CA at Castleton is similar to what other universities call a Resident Assistant or Advisor (RA). As an on-campus job, it meets the F-1 visa employment regulations. CAs are assigned to a residence hall floor of 30-50 students. Their main job is to keep the residencies safe, but also to organize fun and interesting programs for the residents. The job is demanding, but it pays a stipend and your board (room fee) is waived. The job is also very rewarding.  Just listen to what a couple of international CAs have to say.

Ben Mrowka, CU ’19 (Australia)

I enjoy being a CA because I am able to connect to a huge amount of students and I am able to contribute to the CU community. I am learning a great deal from the job, and I will be able to use this knowledge about leadership, making tough decisions and being a role model for any job that I find myself in. Dealing with people will always bring its challenges but through this position, I have found myself improving and learning every day.

Zijie (Frank) Wan, CU ’20 (China)

What I like about this job are the social aspects, friendships, and responsibilities. It has been almost a year since I became a CA, and I have already learned a lot from this experience. Becoming more outgoing and social might be the most obvious change I have undergone. I really enjoy the feeling of hanging out with CAs and residents, because it makes me feel bonded to them. It is like having a family in the United States!

Paolo Loli, CU ’17, Community Advisor