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Would you like to study, work or volunteer abroad? Learn how to make it possible!

If you’ve ever considered studying abroad and want to learn more about making it possible, come on down to this event in Huden, Tuesday during N period.  A student panel and a guest speaker will address the basics and you can ask questions to learn more. In the meantime, and afterward, you can learn all about studying, working and volunteering abroad through myriad resources provided by the library on this guide:

Study, work, volunteer abroad

You will find resources on financial aid for study abroad, international job listings, information on teaching English abroad, volunteer opportunities, resources for learning about places to go and  learning languages, and more.

The library is a partner helping with this event by providing a display of books on these topics.

April Fool’s? April Facts!

Various memes have been flying around this week, as April Fool’s Day came and went, and some of them have meaning for libraries and the critical consumption-of-information habits we try to instill.  The gist of many is: Isn’t it funny that for this one day people don’t believe everything they read?  Here’s one:

April 1 isn’t the only day we in the information literacy field poke fun at people’s reluctance to be active, critical users of information.  This one isn’t particular to April Fool’s Day:

And, did you know April 2 is International Fact-Checking Day?  Don’t take our word for it, check out the International Fact-Checking Network’s page:  International Fact-Checking Day or the Poynter Institute’s newsletter post about it, with activities and fun facts 😉 .  If you forgot to celebrate on April 2, don’t worry, you can appreciate and seek facts every day!  For fun and enlightenment, here’s a fact-checking quiz you can take.

Just in case you clicked on the April Fool’s link hoping for some humor, here’s a whole bunch of library-related April Fool’s fun:

April Foolswatch: Our favorite pranks and hoaxes
from the American Library Association