How to setup Castleton Canvas and Portal Mobile Apps

How to install the Canvas Mobile App:


Step 1: Download the Canvas Mobile App from the Apple or Google Play Store. You can also find it by opening any Canvas section within the Portal app.


Select “Fine My School” when the app is done downloading

Canvas Welcome Screen
Step 2: Start typing in “Castleton University”, and select it from the list when it pops upSelect Castleton University
Step 3: If you are presented with the following error [ and not the VSC Authentication Page] then you will need to click on the three bars at the top left of the screen to login.Potential Error Message
Step 4: Select LoginSelect Login
Step 5: Authenticate with your current Portal username and passwordVSC Authentication Portal
You should be able to find your courses and interact with them as if you were logged in using a computer. 

How to install the Portal Mobile App:

You can download the Portal mobile App by navigating to this webpage on your mobile device: or by scanning this QR code from your mobile device:

Select iOs if you have an Apple device, and Android if you have an Android device.

Once the app is downloaded you will be asked to sign in. Please use your Portal username and password to sign in.

Updated January 2022

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