How to sign into Canvas Mobile App

This blog post outlines how to sign into the Canvas mobile app on both Android and Apple devices

Step 1: Download the Canvas Mobile App from the Apple or Google Play Store.

Select “Fine My School” when the app is done downloading

Canvas Welcome Screen
Step 2: Start typing in “Castleton University”, and select it from the list when it pops up Select Castleton University
Step 3: If you are presented with the following error [ and not the VSC Authentication Page] then you will need to click on the three bars at the top left of the screen to login. Potential Error Message
Step 4: Select Login Select Login
Step 5: Authenticate with your current Portal username and password VSC Authentication Portal
You should be able to find your courses and interact with them as if you were logged in using a computer.

Canvas – Add file from OneDrive to Module

Linking file(s) from your Onedrive to your canvas course


why would you want to do this?

There are several benefits to link a file from OneDrive to Canvas your canvas course. The reason I personally like to do this is to save time and linking files from OneDrive to Canvas makes it a one stop shop. If you link a file to your Canvas course, then if you change the file on OneDrive it will automatically update it on your Canvas course(s) you have the file linked to.

how to do this

1. Select the + sign on the right hand side of the Module
2. Select External Tool from the drop down menu

Click on the Office 365 link.

3. Select the checkbox to the left of the file you want to link,
and then select attach file.
4. Select Add Item and the bottom right of the Add Item window
5. Verify your file is there. This is my test document I uploaded.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact:

Sarah Chambers:
Matthew Corriere:

Thank you!


Canvas – Linking a file from your OneDrive to a Discussion forum

This post will explain how to link a video (or other file) from your Castleton OneDrive to a discussion forum post in Canvas.

Note: These instructions assume you already have a video to share in your Castleton OneDrive.

Discussion Forum – Reply

Open your Canvas course and locate the appropriate discussion forum within your course. Click Reply in the Discussion forum post.

Reply to Discussion Forum Post
Reply to Discussion Forum Post

Discussion Forum – Link to OneDrive

Locate the blue, “v” icon on the second row. When you hover over the icon, it should display “More External Tools.”

Discussion Forum - More External Tools
Discussion Forum – More External Tools

Click the icon to open the sub-menu. Choose Microsoft Office 365 from the list.

External Tools Sub-Menu
External Tools Sub-Menu

Authorize Your Account

If Canvas is not authorized to use your OneDrive, you will need to setup your account. Click Login to start the process. Canvas Authorization image

Login will prompt you to Log In to Office 365.
Login to Office 365

Canvas will ask for your permission to access files from your Microsoft OneDrive. It is essential that you Accept these permissions to connect the two resources. Accepting does not give Canvas permission to access files on your personal computer. 
OneDrive Permissions

Login to your OneDrive account by entering your email as [for example]Office 365 Login

OneDrive – Selecting Your Files

Navigate your OneDrive folder and select the file you want to upload by checking the box next to the file or files.

Click on Attach File when you are done.

Select File From OneDrive
Select File From OneDrive

Discussion Forum – Submit Your Post

Your post will display your file in the discussion box.

You can add text, as desired, to add supplement your post.

Press Post Reply when you are finished to complete your post.

Inserted Link
Insert Link and Post Reply