Canvas – Add file from OneDrive to Module

Linking file(s) from your Onedrive to your canvas course

why would you want to do this?

There are several benefits to link a file from OneDrive to Canvas your canvas course. The first reason is to save time. When you edit your file on OneDrive, then the links on your Canvas course(s) will update automatically. The second reason is if you have large files you need to add to Canvas then you may use your local Canvas storage up quickly. Each student, faculty, and staff member has 1TB of online storage in OneDrive, and if you link a file to your Canvas course(s) then it will not count against your Canvas storage quota.

how to do this

1. Select the + sign on the right hand side of the Module
2. Select External Tool from the drop down menu

Click on the Office 365 link.

3. Select the checkbox to the left of the file you want to link,
and then select attach file.
4. Select Add Item and the bottom right of the Add Item window
5. Verify your file is there. This is my test document I uploaded.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact:

Castleton IT Services:
Sarah Chambers:
Matthew Corriere:

Thank you!