Moodle Accessibility – Tip #7: Bullets

#7 Bullet Your Lists

When creating lists of information for students, use bullet points or numbered lists using the text tools. I know some people are cringing already. Screen readers won’t identify information as being in a list, leaving students who rely on these tools to access information lost or confused.


To use bullets, follow these steps.
Open your Moodle course.
Turn Editing on.
Anytime you have the opportunity to add text to Moodle – think weekly summaries, labels, assignments and discussion forms – you should have ability to add bullets.
Locate the bar tool bar, just above your text. It should have one row of icons.
The fifth image, that says shows three dots and lines, allows you to make bullet points.
Put the cursor before the line you need to bullet point. Consecutive lines will be bulleted.
A double enter will stop bullet points from being created.

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